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We Have 25 Years of Experience
in Residential and Commercial projects.

We are Intown Contracting, located In Atlanta Georgia. Our expertise is Residential and Commercial projects. We are family-owned and operated contracting company with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We are known for quality craftsmanship, with a longstanding valued relationship with our customers. We protect your home investment with our detail-oriented methods that show in all our work: roofing, gutters, drywall, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, painting, and in helping homeowners recover in the aftermath of storm damage that have hit the region. Because we deliver high quality work, numerous families have entrusted us with their homes. We bring experience, workmanship and integrity to every project.

Our Team

John Handy

Plumbing, Sanitary, Sewerage

A better looking job is often temporarily secured on non-uniform plaster, through the use of varnish base primers, but the prospect of future failures is always great.

Mick Nifty

Roofing, Renovation

Therefore, painters, architects, chemists and engineers agree that the use of varnish sealing coats is not the proper procedure in the painting of plaster walls.

Keith Skilful

Heating, Electricity

The weaknesses in the majority of paints and primers were recognized and kept in mind during the many years of intensive development work.

Joe Slick

Painting, Electricity

They combine the advantages of oil base and varnish base wall paints without any of their disadvantages, and also possess added properties found in no other product.